Thursday, September 15, 2011

Haitian Bravery

I do not mean to sing the praises of Haitian politicians during this our moment of amateur politics, but I ask you to consider how brave one must be to run for political office in Haiti: he is liable to literally lose his skin because of it. Consider that, unlike many other developing countries, Haiti is located close to the world’s super power, so almost all Haitian politicians have been there, studied there, married there. They could, with great ease, have done like the other three million in the diaspora and found that it was indeed nice to live in a country where they can take their children to well equipped trauma centers in case of an accident. Or where they can drink tap water with no serious risk of diarrhea. Or simply go see a movie.

They didn’t. 

Presumably, they said to themselves:  I was born in Haiti. I like it there. I have to go back and help. I will become involved publicly, even at the risk of loss of reputation, of embarrassment, or worse. But I am willing. Let’s roll.

Bravo, folks. Thank you.

P.S.: Now, would you please do right by the country?