Monday, January 23, 2012

A Petition for Haiti

God of Abraham

speak now to this land
waylaid and forlorn 
caught like a scratched record
playing the sour tunes of talkers
drunk with greed and power
on false notes and endless cents.

Marking Year Two

How do we thank thee? Let’s first count some “thee’s”
We thank thee who, when it first shook, rose up and coughed:  
“My neighbors first, my neighbors all”
When it was just Bon Dye and us, the core trembled, along with walls.
You dug, and dug, and offered light and cotton balls.
We thank thee who, of dirt surrounds,
With tears and songs, made holy ground.
 “Jesus me loves, I think I know”—
“Just like Haiti,” it was said, “from dusty holes, music and soul”
We thank thee who, not sent nor asked but by your heart,
Came bearing help, but first to learn and then to say,
 ”Bless Lord this land, her folks waylaid.”
We thank thee much, from humbleness for righteousness.
We thank thee who, staying afar, ordered and prayed,
 God’s awe-some-ness on this our land
All that is yes, all that is grand.

We thank Thee God, lover of all, before and since that second fall,
Gave Haiti names:
« Quisqueya Boyio—Hispaniola—AYITI »
We thank Thee God, our Lord of all, for beauty, faith,
Stubborn as  grain. Hard.
Glory concealed.
When we shall die, one-twelve made void,
We shall but love and thank Thee more.